“Respect Given is Respect Earned”

The Pomona Cops 4 Kids program is a 10 week - structured program, established to serve children from ages 9-12 years old who attend a school within the Pomona Unified School District. The program aims to build a positive relationship between the youth, police, and the community.

The Cops 4 Kids Program offers educational and physical activities for youth to emphasize respect, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership. The program includes physical fitness and military drills to improve self-confidence, eating habits, self-esteem, leadership and respect. The Cops 4 Kids Programs helps youth develop a positive self-image, successful interpersonal skills, and leadership, skills which will encourage them to stay in school and play a constructive role in their community.

At the completion of the 12- week program, the Jr. Cadets will have experienced a sense of accomplishment and belief in their motto of “Respect Given is Respect Earned.”
Cops 4 Kids image for web- graduation of Cops 4 kids was on 12/5/23