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School History

Pomona Unified School District opened Vejar in the southern part of the city, in temporary buildings as a K-5 school with a student population of 350, on traditional calendar in 1990-91. Thanks to the input made by parents, students and staff members, the name "Vejar Elementary" was selected by the Board of Education in the spring of 1990. Appropriately chosen, the name "Vejar" has much significance to the people and students of Pomona. Dating back to 1837, Don Ygnacio Palomares and Don Ricardo Vejar were given a land grant to the Rancho San Jose by the Mexican Government through its California Governor.

This area began to take form and eventually became our city of Pomona. The school doubled in size and the sixth grade was added the following year.


The year-round concept was implemented in July 1992. The move into the permanent building was complete in 1996. The student population continued to increase and with the return of all year-round schools to the traditional calendar in 2000-01, it became necessary to use some of the portable classrooms. In 2001-02 Vejar assumed the 350 students and 14 teachers from Mendoza who were using the portable classrooms. Four of the common use portable buildings were converted to classrooms for 2002-03 when Vejar kept the sixth grades.


Shortly after Vejar was named, the students were given the opportunity to select their school colors and mascot. As a result, we are now known as the Vejar Raccoons and our school colors are red and gray.