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Principal's Message

Madelene Brooks
Vejar K-8 School
Dear Vejar 8th grade students,
This year more than ever before I struggled to write my end of year message. It's true...I couldn't find the words I wanted to share with each of you these last few days. After all, by the end of the week you will have officially promoted from Vejar School and be just a few months from starting all over again, this time as a freshman in high school. These last few weeks apart have reminded me of many things I know and things I thought I knew. I want to share a few of those thoughts of encouragement with you.
I want to encourage you to try everything! I mean everything, in sports, school, and life. Do not be afraid to take risks! I encourage you to be kind to your parents, friends and most importantly yourselves. Students, you are good enough just how you are right now. None of you need to be taller, faster, skinnier, or bigger. You are all exactly how you should be. I cannot stress enough the importance of self acceptance and self compassion. We are not defined by our successes nor our failures. Nobody is perfect! Most of all I encourage you to listen to the stories that are shared with you. You will undeniably have something to learn. Maybe in twenty years when you are parents you will find yourself telling stories of the times we are living through right now. And certainly you will have many lessons learned that you will share with others. 8th grade students, thank you for being part of each other's journey. You have each brought something very unique and special to Vejar School. You will be missed but we are all excited to send you off to the next stage of your beautiful life. Congratulations on behalf of everyone at Vejar School!