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Principal's Message

Madelene Brooks
Vejar K-8 School
Dear Vejar Families,
I want to officially welcome you to the start of the new school year! We are fortunate to partner with you to make our school an amazing learning atmosphere for students. This coming year we have invested in our school library and look forward to upcoming renovations. Reading is foundational to raising student achievement. We are asking for your commitment to reading as well. Please take the time to read with your child daily.
Our school's theme for the school year is sailing to Success. At Vejar, we have taken on the voyage to help ensure our students achieve their best in the classroom and on the playground. We truly believe in each child's academic, social, and emotional development. Throughout the school year, look for the different opportunities that your child can stay engaged in school.
Making Good Decisions, Acting Responsibly, Solving Problems, and Keeping Calm and Learning on are the universal expectations to promote a positive school climate for our students and families. It is our belief that our Raccoons need to demonstrate these throughout the campus to be successful scholars. When we have clear expectations for our scholars we are setting them up to achieve success at a greater rate.
Teachers have been here throughout the summer and weekends preparing their classrooms and collaborating with each other to design engaging lessons to challenge and prepare our scholars. We ask for your partnership with us by ensuring that your child develops a strong attendance habit to maximize the instruction and learning.
Our school provides various communication methods to partner with parents. Our office and teachers use websites that provide detailed information. Additionally, many teachers use Remind or Class Dojo for communication. Our school office utilizes Twitter, auto dialers and emails to help keep parents informed of the occurrences around school.
The staff of Vejar School is dedicated to work with families and the local community to foster a school climate that promotes collaboration in the development of a positive climate for our students. By structuring such a climate, our students will develop the necessary academic and social skills to contribute to our classrooms and society. Our students will develop the necessary skills to be successful 21st century learners. We will be On a Mission to Academic Success!
Madelyne Brooks