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Our Vision/Mission




Vejar School Counseling Program foresees all students to be socially and emotionally competent, academically responsible, college, and career ready. All students will be supported through a comprehensive school counseling program to become self-sufficient individuals pursuing their academic and personal goals. Students who graduate from Vejar School will acquire problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills to navigate the challenges in a diverse culture of this 21st century society as they continue their educational journey into high school and beyond.






The mission of Vejar's School Counseling Program is to provide equitable access to school counseling services through a multi-tier multi-domain system of support services. Students will receive social-emotional, academic, and college and career supports through a data-driven counseling program. School counselors will collaborate and cooperate with parents, educators, and community stakeholders by working together to strive for students’ success in and out of school. Students will become well-rounded individuals who will meet their own personal and educational aspirations.