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Our Counseling Services



As part of our comprehensive school counseling program, school counselors provide Tier 1 level support by providing in-class instruction to all students in academic, social-emotional, and college/career domains.




Through a Tier 2 level of support and data-driven analyses, students participate in small groups for 6-8 weeks to ensure that students are gaining the necessary skills and tools to be successful students at Vejar School.




School Counselors provide one-on-one counseling services for academic, college/career, and social-emotional development support. Counselors provide counseling services for 2 to 8 sessions. If a student needs additional support, school counselors refer to outside support.




Our goal is to ensure that all students leave Vejar with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to be successful in high school and in their post-secondary endeavors. School counselors provide on-going monthly activities to inform students of monthly themes in academics, college/career, and social-emotional development and provide a sense of community and comradery in school.




As a Data-Driven Comprehension School Counseling Program, we function under a Multi-Tier Multi-Domain Systems of Support Model. Through this model, we provide our students with different levels of support; academic, social-emotional, and college and career. As part of our counseling program, we always take in mind the need of each individual student depending on specific need of each student and data.



Confidentiality Statement:
As school counselors, we maintain strict confidentiality in all our interactions. All meetings held with the school counselor will remain confidential unless the student gives permission to share information with related parties.
However, circumstances do arise where we must disclose information to appropriate professionals. Reasons for breaking confidentiality are but not limited to: a student is in danger of harming themselves, another individual, or if a student is in danger of being harmed by others.